Fendertex® offers a range of complementary accessories for handling and use of your textil fenders. You will find in this section manual pumps, electric inflators, rigging with or without splice and covers plain or covers customized.

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Max pressure: 800 mbar (11.6 psi)

Volume: 450L / min

Dimensions: 18x20x30 cm

Double action electric pump

It inflates and deflates

Suitable for inflatable boats and kayaks

Weight: 4,8 Kg

Delivery: 15 days

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Technical textile cover, adaptable on the full range of cylindrical Fendertex® fender

Delivery time: 10 days

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GE 2000 consists of a main motor and a supplementary (booster) motor, which increases the capacity and pressure. The two motors can run simultaneously to obtain maximum capacity and pressure, or just the main motor.

Max pressure - 400 mbar (5.8 psi) (factory set)

Inflate & Delfate

Cord: 3 m

Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 26 cm

Weight: 4.2 Kg

2 models: 120V ou 230V

Delivery: 21 jours