FENDERTEX® fabricant français de pare-battages textile



puce-page-fendertex.png Safe Boat Equipement is a company that was founded on 03 February 2014.

puce-page-fendertex.png Based on the experience of its founder and his passion for boating, it designs and markets a new type of textile fender, FENDERTEX®.

puce-page-fendertex.png This flagship product is a patented innovation. It offers many advantages to its users, who are passionate about boating.

puce-page-fendertex.png Our FENDERTEX® products are all made in France.

puce-page-fendertex.png Today our range of fenders, fenders and accessories protects ships from 18 to 590 feet. Motor and sailing boats, monohulls and multihulls, from yachts to giga yachts.

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The advantage of the textile fender.



The company did not set up in just any building. This old mill was chosen for its history:

The workshop is located in Aire-sur-la-Lys, a town rich in military heritage. The mill is a part of these vestiges. In 1682, it was built by the compte of Robelin, engineer to the King of France, by former soldiers whose wounds prevented them from continuing to serve the army... Hence its name: Moulin des Invalides.

bureau dans un moulin
showroom de fender textile


2010 - Launch of research and development process the creation of FENDERTEX® fenders
2012 – Integration at the European center for innovative textiles
2013 –Test and validation of fenders by boating professionals
2014 – Creation of the company SAFE BOAT EQUIPMENT - 1 employee is hired in the company
1st participation in the Monaco yacht show with two ranges of fenders: CYLINDRICAL and SPHERICAL
2015 – Hiring of 2 new employees – Participation at 3 international exhibitions
2016 – Development of a new line of reinforced fenders for MEGA and GIGA YAHCTS. Adding of several colors of fenders and covers.
Hiring of a new employee - Participation at 9 international exhibitions.
First partnership with the OUTREMER catamaran shibuilder. FENDERTEX® fenders will be installed on the units of the shipbuilder at delivery.
2017 – Cap of 1000 ships equipped !
Development of a new range of tubular fenders which will first equip the boat of the GROUPE SETIN of Manuel Cousin.
Hiring of 2 new employees – Participation at 7 international exhibitions.
2018 – Creation of the docking pack intended for boat from 23ft to 98ft boats – Being able to store all your docking equipment in a bag! - All units will be equipped with a docking pack upon delivery.
1st published FENDERTEX® catalog.
Partnership with the new brand of EXCESS catamarans –All units will be equipped with a docking pack upon delivery.
Hiring of a new employee - Participation 7 international exhibitions.
2019 – Partnership with PYI INC based in Seattle, United States. PYI INC is committed as an exclusive distributor in the territories of the Americas. A technology transfer is then signed to create a second manufacturing site for FENDERTEX® fenders.
Participation at several American exhibitions to launch the distribution on this territory.
Hiring of a new employee - Participation in 9 international trade fairs.
2020 – Development of new products such as spherical covers but also the creation of a new range: bumper, garage & pontoon fenders FENDERTEX®. is launching into dock and pontoon fenders.
Creation of a new innovation company: FENDERTEX® INNOVATION. . This company aims to respond to problems related to navigation through innovative solutions.
Due to the cancellation of the 2020 trade fairs, innovations and new products will be presented on a virtual stand.
2021 –Hiring of a new employee - Participation in 7 international trade fairs.
2022 - Acquisition of new premises in order to increase the production area, create a showroom and offer more comfort to the employees. Our premises are also equipped with a flat to receive our customers and partners.
Hiring of 4 new employees - Participation in 10 international trade fairs..