Below is a list of our distributors in Europe and worldwide..


revendeur et distributeur fendertex en angleterre

puce-page-fendertex.png Seaview Progress offers a range of innovative and quality equipment for boating, commercial marine, industry or other leisure sector such as cycling and fishing. Located in the heart of the European market with their headquarters in South-East France and an office in England, it is the European distribution platform of the American company PYI Inc. Seaview Progress is a supplier and partner to many shipbuilding, military markets, fishing and transportation fleets..

distributor reseller england

puce-page-fendertex.png USHIP is a Breton company that distributes equipment for pleasure boats, sailing and/ or motor, through a network of more than 130 independent stores, located in France, in DROM (Guadeloupe), in Spain.

reseller distributor spain fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Specialized in the sale of second-hand boats in Spain for 13 years, Barcelona Yachting is your privileged correspondent for any transaction in Spain, Europe and internationally. Barcelona Yachting also offers all the services related to boating, including charter, mechanics, new sails, regattas, transport, custom equipment, change of flag… Etc.

italian italy reseller distributor fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.pngG&G Rigging Based in Italy is specialized in the sale of nautical products, services and support.

italy talian distributor reseller fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Osculati is the leading company for nautical accessories in Italy and one of the first in Europe. As a distributor of leading international brands, Osculati produces more than 7,000 items in-house using the resources of its in-house Design and Engineering department.

french distributor reseller fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Outremer built performance catamarans, designed to last, with outstanding marine qualities, while remaining extremely comfortable for trips of a lifetime or a day. Combining unique know-how and the cumulative experience of millions of miles traveled, Outremer helps you to realize your dream from end to end: from the definition of your project to the manufacture of your dream sailboat.

spain spanish distributor reseller fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Nautic Center, located in Spain, is a boat repair and storage company that has been offering a wide range of services (mechanics, carpentry, painting, electronics...) for more than 40 years. </p

Uchimata shop constructeur de bateaux

puce-page-fendertex.png Uchimata is based in France in La Rochelle. Its activity is to take charge of a boat, from its construction to the delivery to the owner. This company has a global knowledge of the technicality of a boat.

puce-page-fendertex.pngBased in Croatia, your trusted partner on the Adriatic with several years of experience in mediation when buying or selling your boat (yacht). We have been involved in the yachting sector since 1993 and the basis of our activity is our long experience. Our specialty is to find boats according to your wishes and expert advice when buying or selling boats.

puce-page-fendertex.png Bertacca Egisto, Forniture Nautiche, is the oldest shipowner present in the region of Viarregio, it is an anchor point where shipyards and usual customers are supplied.

revendeur fendertex Grèce

puce-page-fendertex.png They offer a wide selection of yachting and leisure products in their shop in Kos Marina, Greece.

switzerland swiss distributor reseller fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Werft 52 on Lake Constance has been the competent contact point for motorboats for 40 years. As a Swiss shipyard, we sell not only fast boats "Lifestyle" like the Comitti or the elegant Lobsters of Erman Yachting, but also the "Rolls Royce" of all boats - Linssen Yachts. With us you will not only find new boats, but also a large number of well-maintained used boats. We are also specialists in the maintenance of your motorboat. Whether it’s getting in and out of the water, maintenance and repairs, berthing or winter storage, you’ve come to the right place.

croatia reseller distributor fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png At Nautika Zadar we are proud to be one of the leading and oldest providers of comprehensive yacht services in the Adriatic. From our humble beginnings in polishing and antifouling in 2003, we are constantly improving our operations in and around our region.

Over time, we began to surround ourselves with other dedicated specialists who shared our vision, each in their own field. It wasn’t long before we could offer our clients a comprehensive service program covering every aspect of their yachting trip.

puce-page-fendertex.pngFounded in 2004 in Marmaris, Turquie with the motto "from sailor to sailor", EGE MARIN aims to offer you the best in nautical equipment and fittings for your boat. Its professional teams are at your disposal to meet your needs and desires.


top water tackles revendeur fendertex au japon

puce-page-fendertex.png Top Water Tackles is one of the largest marine stores in Japan, specializing in sports fishing products and boat equipment. We sell wholesale fishing gear and boat gear, difficult to obtain in Japan and generally expensive, at international standard prices with our own network and our own achievements. We offer high quality products at low prices by carefully selecting the products that the store owner can really recommend after using them, as well as the products of the leading foreign manufacturers.

fendertex distributor reseller india United Arab Emirates UAE

puce-page-fendertex.png Headquartered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, with more than two decades of experience in the service sector, the Empire, «Empire Marine International» groups, continue to add new products to its store. With its extensive inventory of authentic marine products, you are sure to find the products you needs

fendertex reseller distributor Egypt Saudi Arabia

puce-page-fendertex.png In the late 1975’s, SAMACO embarked on the mission to provide robust and luxury marine vehicles and products, yachts, fishing boats, personal boats, as well as engines, parts, fishing and diving gear, and much more


Ultra Marine Products distributor australia fendertex

puce-page-fendertex.png Ultra Collection is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. This company specializes in the distribution, production and sale of high quality products for boats in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.


PYI Inc. fabricant et distributeur d'équipement pour la marine

puce-page-fendertex.png Established in 1981, and still under the same ownership today, PYI Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality marine, boat, yacht, and ship equipment. Every year, PYI has seen advancements in each of its products. Whether it is a new or established product line, be assured that you will experience the product performance and customer service that you expect and deserve.