Fendertex® offers a complete range of complementary accessories.

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Max pressure : 800 mbar (11.6 psi)

Volume : 2x2000 cc

Dimensions : 11x22x47 cm

Double-action hand pump

Anti-sand cover gasket

It inflates and defaltes

Suitable for inflatable boats and kayaks


He is equipped with a leash and suitable to kites of all sizes

Delivery : 15 days

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Max pressure : 600 mbar (8.7 psi)

Volume : 2x2500 cc

Dimensions : 21x12x50 cm

Boat inflator

Stainless steel handle

Stop spring

Delivery : 15 days
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Max pressure : 500 mbar (7.2 psi)

Volume : 2x1500 cc

Dimensions : 11x22x40 cm

Double action hand pump

Equipped with adapters for the most common vales

Delivery : 15 days
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Manometer 0-1 bar (0 to 14,5 psi) for model "Bravo 4 Alu R.E.D Kite"

Delivery : 15 days

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In the Kit for permanent installation version, the screws, brackets and inflation connectors are standard supplied

The bag is not supplied

The power cable is 0,50 m long and has a 100A connector cabled

The tube is supplied on demand in 25 m reels

Delivery : 21 days
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Tube roll for pump "Bravo Turbo Max Kit 12V"

Hose int. Ø 25mm / out Ø 30mm

Delivery : 21 days
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Male / female connector suitable for equipment with power up to 100A - 12V DC

The Kit allows cabling cables from 5 to 10 mm2

Dimensions: 10x3x3 cm

Delivery: 21 jours
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Allows the installation of the "Bravo Turbo Max Kit 12V" flush with the deck

Protects the inflator from sprays and dirt

Nylon body, transparent cover

Dimensions of the cover out of the deck: 34,5x22x1,8 cm
(depth inside the deck 13 cm)

Delivery: 21 days
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Battery charger 120V or 230V

Plug: Ø 5.5 x Ø 2.5 x 14mm

Output: 13.8V DC / 0.8A

Delivery: 15 days
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It is a fully automated inflating / deflating system able to keep the pressure of big air structures within an adjustable range. This pressure range can be set between 50 and 450 mbar (0,7/6,5 psi)

Equipped with 2 engines

It automatically switches on/off to keep the pressure

Cord: 3 m

Dimensions: 40x17x26 cm

Weight: 6 Kg

2 models: 120V ou 230V

Delivery: 21 jours
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Max pressure: 800 mbar (11.6 psi)

Volume: 450L / min

Dimensions: 18x20x30 cm

Double action electric pump

It inflates and deflates

Suitable for inflatable boats and kayaks

Weight: 4,8 Kg

Delivery: 15 days