Bellow the list of the our European and worldwide distributors.

PYI Inc. manufacturer and distributor of high quality marine

puce-page-fendertex.png Established in 1981, and still under the same ownership today, PYI Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality marine, boat, yacht, and ship equipment.

Every year PYI has seen advancements in each of its products. Whether it is a new or established product line, be assured that you will experience the product performance and customer service that you expect and deserve.

puce-page-fendertex.png Sorg Yelken Ltd established in 2007 by two sailmakers who want to use their experiences and know-how on sail branding, hull branding, deck-sail hardware and many other necessities on the market. Being in close contact with local and international boat builders and following latest innovations on the market is what makes us strong. We are working to bring the latest hi-end products to Turkish market..

Ultra Marine Products spécialisée dans la distribution, production et vente de produit de haute qualité

puce-page-fendertex.png Ultra Marine Products is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. This company specialized in the distribution, production and sale of high quality products for boats in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

Janszoon Maritiem consultant dans le domaine de l'industrie Nautique

puce-page-fendertex.png Janszoon Maritiem is a consultant, engineer, supplier in the field of the Nautical Industry.

G&G Rigging spécialisé dans la vente de produits nautiques

puce-page-fendertex.png G&G Rigging is a company based in Italy and is specialized in the sale of nautical products, services and support.

Uchimata shop constructeur de bateaux

puce-page-fendertex.png Uchimata is based in La Rochelle. Its activity is to take charge of a boat, from its construction until delivery to the owner. This company has a global knowledge of the technicality of a boat.

Accastillage Diffusion spécialisé dans la vente de produits d'entretien pour bateau

puce-page-fendertex.png Accastillage Diffusion is the n ° 1 in the online sales of equipment and maintenance products for boats, and yachting equipment.

puce-page-fendertex.png Your trustworthy partner on the Adriatic with several years of experience in mediation when buying or selling your boat (yacht). We have been involved in yachting business since 1993 and the basis of our business is our long-term experience.

puce-page-fendertex.png Japan's largest boat marine shop

puce-page-fendertex.png Bertacca Egisto, Forniture Nautiche, is the oldest shipchandler present in the Viarregio area, it is an anchor point where shipyard and usual customers are supplied.

empire bonne taille.JPG

puce-page-fendertex.pngWith more than two decades of experience in the service sector, the Empire groups, “Empire Marine International”, continue to add new products to its store. Our partners located mainly in Europe and North America support us with training and expertise to offer sophisticated marine equipment to demanding customers. Our representatives in the GCC countries and India are well experienced in the trade with enough expertise to meet customer needs.

puce-page-fendertex.pngEuropa Yachts is the most trusted name in Philippines luxury yacht sales and services since 2013, offering the largest fleet from leading yacht builders in Europe. It is the exclusive dealer in the Philippines for Azimut, Beneteau, Montecarlo and Lagoon, as well as CNB. Europa Yachts also provides a complete range of services, from ordering to delivery, to after sales service, including routine maintenance, equipment upgrades, and brokerage services for pre-owned yachts.

puce-page-fendertex.png Seaview Progress offer a range of innovative and quality equipment for pleasure boating, commercial marine, industry or leisure sector such as cycling and fishing. Supplier and partner of many shipbuilding, military markets, fishing, and transportation fleets, Seaview Progress is certified ISO 9001 since 2015 to guarantee reliable process. .